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A highly customized program to meet the needs of the individual. One on one meetings of up to one hour span over three to four moths to help the participant achieve their goals. Can be done in person or over the phone.


Interactive. Fun. Dynamic.
For larger groups, our team delivers dynamic presentations that interact with the audience to achieve optimal retention of the material. Can be done on location or online. Great for seminars, classrooms, campus orientations, gatherings.

Coach Talks

No more dull presentations!
Book one of our coaches now to deliver relevant topics to a large audience through a combination of presentation, coaching, and application practice.Themes can be modified based on audience and needs. Great for large groups. Click to find out more!

Youth Development: Why Is It Important?

The transition years from childhood to adulthood, otherwise known as adolescence, is an important period of of an individuals lifetime as they experience important developmental stages of life. It is in this period that youth begin to identify who they are in this world in regards to the world around them. In schools, students are taught how to think critically through class projects and presentation. However, institutions often miss out on helping their students develop soft skills that would later be important for the rest of their lives.

CoachYou’s passion for youth development combines modern learning styles with a dynamic and interactive approach to help youth with their development process. Through the analysis of studies and years of personal experience, our team has developed various programs designed to help facilitate the growth of youth either in large group or one on one settings. We aim to partner with each individual that participates in our programs to make sure they get the most out of every presentation, activity, and interaction.

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