What is CoachYou?

The first youth coaching initiative in Indonesia

At CoachYou, we believe in the importance of youth development.

CoachYou is committed to helping youth develop in various aspects of their lives, both academically and personally. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, our team of internationally accredited coaches come from various professional backgrounds and have a passion to support youth in their personal life journey. Through this passion, we seek opportunities whether it be in one-on-one settings or in mass gatherings to share our experience and to motivate the youth to live out their full potential.

Our programs cover various themes such as academic success, emotional competency, communication skills, connectedness, youth leadership, and more! Find out more about our programs by clicking here.

In addition to the half day or multi day workshops that CoachYou offers, our uniqueness lies in our individualized coaching programs. When our clients participate in our coaching programs that last anywhere from three to four months, they can see a measurable impact that occurs based on the supported implementation that comes from a partnership created with our coaches.

Why CoachYou?

We have a passion for partnering with young individuals in helping them to achieve their maximum potential, both academically and personally, through a dynamic and interactive approach.

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One hundred percent customized towards every client
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Over 1,200 combined coaching hours amongst our team
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We have a team of over 64 internationally accredited coaches (and growing!)
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CoachYou teams in over 8 cities in Indonesia

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Customized programs
  • Dynamic presentation styles
  • Interactive learning
  • Extensive curriculum
  • A team with varying experiences

CoachYou is all about our clients and our mission is to make you successful. We work with youth from middle years to corporate level to help them achieve their goals and deliver tangible results. Our belief is that we must do more than motivate you – we partner with you on your journey to being the best version of you.

Our vision is to help youth achieve goals and aspirations by helping them in their journey of self identification, improving confidence, developing soft skills, and working through challenges and obstacles. We seek to accomplish this through an individualized and dynamic approach through partnership and creative problem solving. The CoachYou approach enables an accelerated path to achieving goals and aspirations.

At CoachYou, we value synergy, partnership, awareness, resonance, knowledge, and sincerity. All these combine to support our goal to bring impact to the youth in helping them to achieve their best.

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